What Sets Us Apart


At Wheeler Orthodontics, our patients are our first priority. We make sure to answer any questions you may have about our practice or the treatment process, and we are dedicated to providing a comfortable office for you and your family. If there is anything we can do for you during your visit, someone on staff will be happy to help.

Two-Phase Braces

One of the most important advances in orthodontic care is the two-phase corrective system. Rather than applying braces to a new set of adult teeth for a longer period of time, two-phase braces help the mouth form a healthy smile more easily.

In phase one, we apply a variety of braces to a younger mouth for a short time, then remove them and apply a second set in phase two for another brief period a few years later. We assess each case individually to determine if a two-phase system will be more beneficial and comfortable for the patient.

The Ortho Store

A strong, healthy smile is an ongoing care process. That’s why we made Wheeler Orthodontics a one-stop care service. At our Ortho Store, we have a wide variety of products designed to keep your smile in perfect condition.

Whether you need a travel-size toothbrush, a set of flossers, prescription fluoride, or an excellent mouth rinse, we can accommodate you. The Ortho Store also has mouthguards for sports and special Comfort Cover™ clear shields that slip right onto braces to prevent sores and irritation.


Wheeler Orthodontics maintains two locations to minimize travel for our patients. We have an office in Cookeville, and one in Crossville. We tailor our practice to the schedules of our patients and their families, so moms and dads are welcome to drop off their kids for an appointment and return as soon as it’s finished.

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